Upon visiting our store, you will notice our wide selection of FROMM Family Pet Foods and treats. Maybe you have fed your pets FROMM before, you’ve been feeding for as long as you’ve had pets, or maybe you have never heard of FROMM pet food before; either way, We are here to inform you more about the company and their lines of kibble! As well as share why we chose to begin carrying their line 10+ years ago! 

To start, the FROMM Family Pet Food Company is 5th generation owned and operated out of Wisconsin. Originally beginning as a silver fox coat business, the Fromm (and married-in Nieman) family created a dry kibble for the healthy foxes and beautiful coats. In fact, the family created the world’s first complete dry, kibble pet food (FROMM Complete Dog Meal- 1949). Thus, the FROMM Classic line was born. FROMM Classic is broken into 3 categories: puppy, adult, and senior. As well, Classic only comes in grain-in chicken. The FROMM family created another first for the world too- the fox, feline, and canine distemper vaccine! 

To celebrate their 50th anniversary of FROMM Complete, the company released the FROMM Gold line (1999). Like the Classic line, the Gold line has different foods for different dogs; including bags for large breeds (puppy and adult), puppy, adult, and senior dogs, as well as cat food for kittens, adults and seniors. While the Gold line is all a chicken protein, there is a grain (Gold) line and a grain-free (Heartland Gold) line to choose from. 

A few years after launching the Gold line, FROMM changes the kibble game, yet again, with their Four-Star Nutritionals line (2003). Four-star is our biggest seller. Currently, the four star line has 16 different protein types for dogs- both grain and grain free! For cats, they have 9 different proteins- both grain and grain free. This idea gives pets and pet parents the opportunity for a rotation diet- so our furry family members will never get bored of a protein. Unlike the Gold (and Classic) line, Four-Star is an all life stages food, meaning it is suited for pets of all ages, rather than being formulated to fit a specific age group (for example- lower calorie for senior/not very active dogs and higher calorie for the energetic, growing puppies). 

It’s clear to see why we would proudly stand behind this family owned and operated business, as we are family owned and operated ourselves! So come on in to check out and learn more about FROMM Family food!